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Level Design - Source Engine (WIP)

Work in Progress

Type: Solo Project - Course Assignment


This project was done as a part of assignment for course "Advanced Topics in Game Design (Level Design)" at my university.

In this project, I designed a map for game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. As a part of the assignment, I have recorded videos while the level was under development. In these videos I speak about how the level was layed out and how I took decisions about various attributes of the map while I was making this map.

Additionally, below are some images of preproduction blueprint which I drew before starting the map design. I find drawing rough map on paper is a great way, to reduce time we may spend in thinking after we sit at computer. Being a multiplayer game, balancing the map is crucial because both team should have equal advantages, thus I prefer to start planning process on paper.

Development Process:


Following image is the first draft of level. It shows rough pathways available in map including spawn points for both teams.

Following image is second draft of previous image. It shows improved pathways and "B" location is provided with 2 entrance location.

This last image is final version of map blueprint. After testing second draft many times, new flaws in map balancing showed up. This version added small changes into pathways, "B" location received extra floor. These changes are more visible when playing this map in game.

Timings table:

Following image shows a table containing timing taken for both opposing teams to reach to a certain place in map. Both teams should be able to reach to battle/choke points nearly at the same time. If one team reaches to certain place much before enemy team then the team coming first will have advantage to setup an ambush over the other team. Depending on the objective and localization, timing needs to be adjusted, this will help to balance the gameplay.


Top-Down Layout and Graybox (Pass 1)

Graybox (Pass 2)

Graybox (Pass 3)

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