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Level Design - Skyrim Creation Kit

Type: Solo Project - Course Assignment


This project was done as a part of assignment for course "Advanced Topics in Game Design (Level Design)" at my university.

In this project, I designed a map for game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As a part of the assignment, I have recorded videos while the level was under development. In these videos I speak about how the level was laid out and how I took decisions about various attributes of the map while I was making this map.

Story behind this level:

While exploring the world, you come across a camp of humans set outside wall of a city. The ruler of the city was killed by a bad guy and he is now ruling the city. That bad guy exiled citizens of the city, so the exiled citizens set up a camp outside city walls. These citizens are waiting for someone who holds the power to kill the bad guy. You decide to help them but first you need to gain their trust by killing guards of the bad guy which are keeping eye on citizens. Once you earn citizens trust, you can go into the city and kill the bad guy. There is a simple quest chain in this map which contains 3 quests.

The videos and images are linked below:

Top Down Layout and Graybox Pass 1

Graybox Pass 2

Graybox Pass 3

Final Version

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