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PC Game Controller

This was the final year group project of Engineering course.

Platform: Mobile-Android

Type: Group Project, 3 People


Every year scientists and video game enthusiasts are coming up with new techniques to make game playing experience better. In this project, we enlisted a process to control games running on PC through android mobile using Wi-Fi Network. The intended system will enable single or multiple users to play games on single computer with the help of multiple android devices. There will be two deliverables for this system.

1) A server Application - Install on users computer

2) A Client Application - Install on users Android device

Server Application will act as controller between the game and the player’s mobile device. The same application will also manage traffic coming from various devices enabling multiple players to play on single computer system.

Client application should be installed on every android device which wants to connect to server.

Multiple client applications will work independent of each other but will be monitored by single server application. This system will eliminate the need of physical hardware Game-Controller, which is baught by user to have console like experience on their PC. Being wireless, this will grant ability to play the games from a distance.

Steps required to use this system:

1) Install and start Server JAVA application on computer

2) Install and start Android APK client application on android device

3) Make sure your android device and computer is in same WIFI network

4) Start game on computer and select the same games name in android application too.

5) You will be presented with a recommended GUI to play that game and now you can play the game running on computer through your phone. For racing games, you can use TILT option if you want to make the car in game turn according to tilting of phone.

6) If the game you want to play on computer is not listed in android application then you can make your own custom GUI and setup keybinds for those keys.

This project is not yet released as its still a prototype. A paper was published on this project, which can be found in "Publications" section on this website.

Fig: Overview of System Architecture

Fig: Detailed System Architecture

Sample Screenshots:

Above image shows GUI to play game "Need for Speed" in TILT mode. You can tilt phone to left or right and car in-game will turn as reaction to tilting. Hold "W" to Acclerate, "S" to Break, "X" to use BOOST, "#" to Handbreak.

If you are not satisfied with default GUI presented by the application then you can customize or make your own GUI and set keybindings to those keys. HAPPY GAMING :)


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