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Fear of Foac

Type: Group Project, 2 People


Fear of Foac game was a submission for Global Game Jam 2015 done by my group of two people. My contribution was complete game programming and presentation, my teammate did the artwork of game. The player controlled object is a tiny character named Foac. Our objective is to take Foac to his princess. The 2D level of the game is completely dark except a spot light over Foac. Player need to move, shoot and jump through level which has puzzle like structure and made of only single color, making it harder to find way out of level in the absence of light. Touching stationary enemies will teleport Foac back to spawn point. His princes is taken by a monstor who will not die until all his minions are dead. These minions are spread across level. Destroy all minions then monstor will die in 1 bullet.

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