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Hearthstone Card Design


Project Name: Hearthstone Card Design


Information of the card:

  • Name of the card: Prayer of Mending

  • Origin of the idea: Idea taken from Priest class of World of Warcraft.

  • Classes that can use this card: Priest


Technical Information:

  • Card type: Spell

  • Mana Cost: 5 Mana Crystals

  • Description on the card: Restore full health of a minion and bounce randomly to another 3 friendly minions healing for the same amount as the primary target.



Description of its functionality:

Consider the following scenario; there are 5 cards on the board.

Card A: Current health 3 out of total 5

Card B: Current health 7 out of total 7

Card C: Current health 1 out of total 6

Card D: Current health 8 out of total 12

Card E: Current health 3 out of total 9

Now, the priest wants to use “Prayer of Mending”. The best option for the priest is to use it on Card E. Once used on Card E, this is how it will work:

  • Card E will be healed for +6. Because the difference between its total health and current health is 6 (The card is missing 6 health points). Now the “Prayer of Mending” has number 6 in his memory.

  • “Prayer of Mending” will randomly choose one of the cards from the pool of Card A, Card B, Card C and Card D. The visual effect will jump from Card E to randomly selected card. That new card will now be healed for +6. This will happen 2 more times. The spell will not bounce on the same card again.



Usability of the Card:

“Prayer of Mending” is an expensive card designed to be effective for games which are longer in length. For longer games, when we have many minions of the board and more than 5 mana, then this card can shine. The player must find out which card on the board has the maximum missing health. Then the player should place this spell on that card. This will maximize its effect. This spell can find a good place in decks containing cards who like to take damage and have high health pool.


Combos with other cards (there can be many more combos, these are just some of them):

  • Passive effect of the card “Northshire Cleric” can be triggered 4 times in just one turn. This can draw 4 cards from deck to player’s hand. In the late game, priests sometimes run of out of cards in hand because they are spell heavy class. Our spell card can instantly give the player 4 cards in hand.

  • Tired of healing? Want to dish out some damage? Combine it with “Auchenai Soulpriest” or “Embrace the Shadow”. This can be used to deal insane damage to enemy minions if the player can find the proper opportunity.


Advantages of the Card:

  • Instant high healing to 4 minions with 5 mana.


Disadvantages of the Card:

  • Not a minion, just another spell in priest’s deck.

  • May not provide maximum effect when necessary.

  • Randomly picks its targets after the primary target.


Fantasy of this Card:

Fantasy of the priest class is mostly about healing and spells. This card adds one more spell to a priest’s arsenal. This spell plays a major part in the priest’s rotation in World of Warcraft and now it can also be a good choice among priests of Hearthstone.

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