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Boundless Force


Technology: Unity Engine


Team: 4 People


My Contribution: Complete Level Design, Scripting of puzzle-events and enemy encounters


Genre: Couch Co-op, Run and Gun, 2D Run and Gun platformer


About Game:

Two scientists were sent on a planet dominated by machines to do some research. However, they were captured by the robots. They learned everything they can while they are stuck in the enemy territory. But what now?


With the help of their research and epic intelligence, they craft equipment for themselves to get out of the enemy base.


A helmet and a vest: To protect their body, of course.

A plasma bolt gun: Enemy robots seem to take damage from plasma, they found out through their research.

A cape: Not all heroes were capes, they knew, but wearing one makes you look cool.

Gravity reduction sleepers: Makes them jump higher than usual.


So you and your friend should take control over these armed scientists, and lead their way out of the enemy territory.

Good Luck!

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